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Handology Intelligent Hand Massage

Handology Intelligent Hand Massage

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Are you feeling weakness, tingling or numbness in your hands? Sensations of pain and swelling in the finger, joints and wrists? Say Hello to our Handology 2.0 is the perfect at home treatment for symptoms of ArthritisCarpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Global Hand Pain. 

Gently Relieve Your Hand Pain.

You deserve painless, relaxing days and a great, Pain-Free Night's Sleep, The Intelligent Hand Massager provides a 15-minute gentle massage using heat therapy that helps get relieve from swelling, numb, stiff, and cold hands by promoting blood circulation. Let us improve your health, Experience a soothing, therapy and professional-grade hand massage from your own comfort of home.

Studies has shown that a regular hand massage may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A hand massage can complement treatments for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neuropathy, and other conditions.

Soothe Your Hard-Working

The Handology massager is designed with attention-to-detail to bring pain relief in your daily life, and helps soothe hands that get tight, sore, stiff, and cramped.

Handology provides a soothing comprehensive Finger-to-Wrist Hand Massage. Revitalising air compression cells envelop your entire hand, pulsing rhythmically to apply gradual pressure and reduce your hand pain, while gently stretching your palm and fingers.

A perfect gift for a loved one!

Looking for a great gift ? The Handology Massager is the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from hand pain and a great way to relieve pain caused by:

❤️ Arthritis 

❤️ Trigger Finger

❤️ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

❤️ Cold Hands

❤️ Inflammation

❤️ Swelling

❤️ Numbness

❤️ Neuropathy

❤️ Stiffness

❤️ Poor Circulation

Why People Love it

✓ Instant Pain Relief within minutes!
✓ Helps revitalise tired hands
✓ Helps improve hand circulation
✓ Your personal massager at home
✓ Completely soundless

How it works

1. With its built-in air compression, the Handology massager targets all the pressure points in your hand soothing your entire hand and fingers with (3 Levels of intensity)

2. The massager will increase your blood and oxygen circulation with the three intensity levels and two heating levels, to relieve numb, stiff, and cold hands.

3. The Handology massager adjusts to your hand for a more personalized message us, with the 2 Hand-size mode feature

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